Presents  the
Piedmontese (PIEDS) Cattle Breed

Fullblood Piedmontese Bull


   Premium for crossbred calves 

            (Certified meat program pays large bonus for crossbred calves)

    Ideal for crossbreeding

            (Half blood calves inherit superior traits and quality for certified meat program)

    Exceptional traits

            (Cattleman's type of cattle)

    Developed over 25,000 years ago in Italy

            (Introduced to the United States in the early 1980's)

    Superior Carcass 

            (High dressing percentage - Lean - Tender)



    Extensive research has shown that the Piedmontese cattle breed is one of the most complete cattle breeds in the world today.  Complete because this breed satisfies the packer by genetically producing a carcass with a high dressing percentage.  Complete because of the more expensive cuts of meat that are produced for the retailer.  Complete because the consumer is satisfied with meat that is tender, tasty and low in fat and cholesterol (lower than chicken and fish).  Complete because the commercial cattleman's needs are met because the Pied crossbred calves have low birth weights and exceptional weaning weights with a high weight gain to feed conversion ratio.  Complete because the seed stock producer's needs are met due to this breed's climate adaptability, disease resistance, acceptable calving ease, exceptional weaning weights, milking ability, etc.  

    The Piedmontese cattle being produced at Sandies Creek Farm since 1985 provide the consumer with a healthy meat source and at the same time award the cattleman for producing a superior meat product.

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